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Tuesday 30 March 2021

Out of The Village!


  You recognize that face don’t you, of course you do, you know you do, its the Colonel! You are the Colonel now, and isn’t that a shame because you can’t go running back to him this time. What’s more you now know which side is to blame for your incarceration in the village. Or at the very least you know the Colonel is in league with those behind the village administration. I find it interesting that this is the second occasion that you have come to realize the truth of the situation by looking deep into a mirror, and as we know the mirror like the camera cannot lie! One thing’s for sure, you’re in a right pickle and no mistake.
   Go on, punch him on the nose!

  There, I bet you feel better for that, but it is bad luck to break a mirror you know, 7 years bad luck, is that why the number 7 doesn’t appear in the village?
   Abducted to the village, given a new identity No.6, a number you refused to acknowledge or respond to….but you were  a number long  before your abduction to the village isn’t that right ZM73? I wonder what the ZM stands for……. Zedekiah Mandrake perhaps? One final thought, I wonder if you, Colonel, know D6 and XO4?

Be seeing you

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