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Saturday, 17 April 2021

Out of The Village!


    “Is there a problem officer?”
    “I’ll say there is. Are you in charge of this vehicle sir?”
    “What me?”
    “Yes you sir. Are you aware this lorry has no license plates?”
    “You had better ask the driver about it.”
    “Can I have your name please sir?”
    “Yes officer Peter, Peter Smith.”
    “Number 1 Buckingham Place.”
    “You realise this will mean a fine sir.”
    “I’ve got some travellers cheques!”
    “Do you have any identification; can I see your driver’s license?”
    “I can do better than that, here’s my passport.”
    “The name you gave me isn’t the name on this passport sir!”
    “No, well I’ll leave it with you officer.”
    “You realize I’ll have to have the lorry towed away.”
    “Best thing to do with it if you ask me.”
    “I wish you wouldn’t take that attitude sir.”
    “Must go, places to be, people to see and all that….be seeing you”

Be seeing you

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