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Monday, 26 April 2021

Village Life!


    “I didn’t see you in the cross country run yesterday.”
    “That’s because I wasn’t there, do I look the athletic type?”
    “No I suppose not. I was there though.”
    “You took part in the cross country run?”
    “No I didn’t take part, I was there in my official capacity.”
    “Official capacity, don’t tell me you fired the starting gun, or waved a flag to start the cross country run.”
    “No I didn’t do anything like that. I was officiating at the event.”
    “You mean you were standing about looking on like we always do.”
    “Well yes, if you want to put it like that.”
    “In other words you were a spectator!”
    “I was not, I was in the company of Number 2 herself.”
    “In the company of Number 2 herself….really?”
    “Well I stood quite close to her.”
    “Hardly in her company then. Did she speak to you?”
    She did, what did she say?”
    “Oh get out of my way you blithering idiot!”
    “Come on, we’ll go to the café, I’ll buy you a cup of tea and a bun.”

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