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Friday 2 April 2021

Further Tales From The Village


    “You did hear the announcement this morning, didn’t you?”
    “No, I never listen to announcements.”
    “Why ever not?”
    “Because its propaganda, I never listen to propaganda.”
    “Propaganda, what the weather forecast?”
    “Yes, on Thursday they said the weather would be fine and dry, it rained all day! Yesterday I went to buy an ice cream.”
    “The flavour of the day being strawberry.”
    “You see, you’re like all the rest, brainwashed!”
    “What do you mean, brainwashed?”
    “I went to buy an ice cream.”
    “Yes so you said.”
    “I asked for raspberry ripple, I was told they don’t have raspberry ripple seeing as the flavour of the day is strawberry. You see!”
    “No I don’t see.”
    “When they tell you the flavour of the day is strawberry you can’t buy any other flavour, its strawberry or nothing!”
    “That doesn’t bother me.”
    “Why ever not?”
    “I like strawberry!”

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