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Thursday 8 April 2021

Village Life!


     It was a warm sunny day, and two top hat administration officials were enjoying a walk through the village on the way to the Town Hall.

    “Carnival begins tomorrow.”
    “Yes I know.”
    “Have you your costume?”
    “Yes it arrived yesterday.”
    “What is it?”
    “I’m wearing it!”
    “You can’t go to carnival dressed like that!”
    “You didn’t choose it for me then?”
    “Then I’m sorry.”
    “Sorry, sorry about what?”
    “The costume I chose for you.”
    “You didn’t?”
    “I did, you’ll look a right ducky as Scaramouche!”
   “And Number 2 as Peter Pan I hear.”
   “A better choice than Jack the Ripper!”
   “Sorry, I’m not quite with you old boy?”
   “And Number 240 as Little Bo-Peep.”
   “Who as an observer knows where to find her sheep, and the doctor Number 40?”      “As Napoleon he’ll end up as one of his own patients on the psychiatric ward one of these days!”  
    “And then there’s Roland Walter Dutton?”
    “He’s a fool!”
    “Who at court is the only person who can say the things which need to be said!”
    “Do I have to go as Scaramouche?”
    “Haven’t you seen the film with Stewart Granger?”
    “Did he look a bit of a ducky in tights?”
    “Not at all, he is the hero.”
    “But people will see the contours of my Bolingbroke’s!”
    “What will it matter…after all it is CARNIVAL!”

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