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Tuesday 13 July 2021

Who’s That On The Telephono?


     “Did everything go according to plan?”
    “I think you must have the wrong number.”
    “Who is this?”
    “The head of psychiatrics, to whom am I speaking?”
    “An ex-No.2, I’m just leaving the village, and I want to speak to the new interim No.2.”
    “That will be Number 6.”
    “No it’s not him I want to speak to, it’s the new Number 2!”
    “But didn’t we just vote Number 6 in as the new Number 2?”
    “Yes, but his term in office is over.”
    “He didn’t last long, in fact he didn’t last five minutes!”
    “Easy come easy go, mind you I’m sorry to be going, because nowhere is there more beauty than here”
    “Tonight when the moon rises, the whole world will turn to silver.”
    “That will be after curfew!”
    “Do you understand, it is important you understand.”
    “No, I‘m afraid I don’t understand, are you feeling well?”
    “I have a message for you.”
    “What kind of message?”
    “You must listen.”
    “Alright I’m listening.”
    “The appointment cannot be fulfilled. Other things must be done tonight.”
    “What appointment, other things, what other things?!
    “If our torment is to end, if liberty is to be restored we must grasp the nettle even though it makes our hands bleed. Only through pain can tomorrow be assured.”
    “You must not speak like that, even if you are leaving, you never know who might be listening......hello are you there?”
    The helicopter leaving the village suddenly turned back........

Be seeing you

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