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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

60 Second Interview with No.2

    “Why indeed!”
    “The Speed Learn educational experiment was going so well.”
    “Yes, but did the people want educating?”
    “You’re never too old to learn……who are you?”
    “I am Number One-one-three, and this is my photographic colleague Number One-one-three b, we contribute to The Tally Ho.”
    “Smile” click goes the camera.”
    “I don’t think he feels like smiling. The Professor dead, Number Twelve dead, and the General destroyed, couldn’t get much worse could it. Do you have anything to say?”
    “Because you underestimated Number Six, that’s why! What will happen to Madam Professor now?”
    “She’ll have to move out of the Manor house, and into smaller accommodation.”
    “And her art seminars?”
    “What about them?”
    “She’ll have to hold them somewhere else.”
    “And you?”
    “Me………….I don’t know.”
    “Madam Professor will blame you for her husband’s death, and Number 1 will blame you for the failure of Speed Learn. You’ll get it in the neck twice!”
    “I know.”
    “I can see the headline now One-one-three b, is Number Two fit for further term?”
    “Smile” click goes the camera.

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