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Monday, 23 July 2018

The Village Salute!

   In The Village when one citizen receives a salute from another citizen, the salute looks like the number 6. Might that not be the reason why Number 6, on occasions, is so casual in his saluting fellow citizens?

Be seeing yøu


  1. Once a secret agent, in someways still a secret agent? Number 6 may only be utilising his career skills to meet a demanding and novel situation. He may be acting as if he is under cover. Apparently fitting in by giving a congenial Village salute, may be the instinctive default for a former agent.

    1. Hello New 42,
      Happy to see you found your way posting comments, which are interesting to read.
      Number 6 may be an ex-secret agent, yet he relies upon his honed skills in order to survive and attempt several escapes.
      For Number 6 to give The Village salute might also mean he's settling in. After all in 'A Change of Mind' he didn't need to greet Number 62 with the salute with "Beautiful day Sixty-two," he could simply have ignored her, the way she did him!

      Best regards