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Saturday, 21 July 2018

60 Seconds With No.2

    “I have just been talking to Number Two.”
    “But I am Number Two.”
    “Not for much longer if this fiasco is anything to go by!”
    “Who are you?”
        “I am Number One-one-three, and this is my photographic colleague Number One-one-three b, we contribute to The Tally Ho.”
    “Smile” click goes the camera.”
    “Newspaper men!”
    “So where are we,
Dodge City, Warlock, Agry Town, or Contention City?”
    “Where is this?”
    “Harmony, we were testing a new Virtual Reality game.”
    “Number Eight dead, Number Twenty-two dead……”
    “It all went wrong!”
    “Looks like it. Gun play was it?”
    “Well if this is virtual, I’ll keep reality if it’s all the same to you!”
    “This wasn’t meant to happen, the Kid became too involved with Cathy!”
    “What virtual sex, that’s a new one!”
    “You don’t understand.”
    “You must be hoping that Number One is more understanding that we are!”
    “Smile!” Click goes the camera.

Be seeing yøu

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