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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Entering Through The Cottage Door!

    The door to Number 6’s cottage door is operated electronically by use of a sensor, but only for Number 6 it seems. Because when the maid-Number 66 in ‘Arrival’ comes and goes she has to manually open and close the door, as does the electrician when he turns up to replace the loudspeaker! How the sensor is able to distinguish between Number 6 and lesser mortals is unknown. And yet the door does open and close automatically when Number 2 and the maid come calling on Number 6 in ‘Free For All,’ so perhaps the door opens automatically for important people {the maid being Number 2 in waiting} but who also has her hands full carrying Number 6’s breakfast tray! And then again the cottage door does open automatically for the maid-Number 54 in ‘Dance of The Dead,’ but then like Number 58 she does have her hands full carrying Number 6’s breakfast tray if that makes any difference. Because later in the episode she is given a special dress, and given a position of importance at the Prisoner’s trial, as one of the three Judges! 
   Instead of the maid making Number 6’s nightcap of hot chocolate, Number 8 makes it for him in ‘Checkmate.’ He asks her how she got into his cottage “Oh the usual way by the door” she tells him, after all there were still ten minutes to curfew so the door would still be unlocked. Whether or not the door opened automatically for Number 8, or she had to physically open the door by turning the handle when she entered the cottage. When she left, the door does open automatically for her. But then as Number 6 observes the door is always open to them, meaning Number 2, doctors and medical staff, and generally anyone working for The Village and against Number 6. Which brings me nicely to early one morning in ‘Its’ Your Funeral,’ when Monique went to call on Number 6. At night time the cottage door is securely locked, it wouldn’t do to allow citizens to leave the confines of their cell cottage and wander about freely at night. So really, seeing as it was so early in the morning the Supervisor would have quite naturally have had to make sure the door was left open so that Monique could gain access. But they didn’t just leave the door unlocked, it was actually ajar, so all Monique had to do was push the door open. In this case had the door opened automatically for Monique, it would have been a bit of a giveaway. And yet Number 6 was naturally suspicious when he asked her how she got in {rather like Number 8 in ‘Checkmate’} “The door was open” Monique tells him. It always is to them, isn’t it?!
   In regard to this, when the Supervisor explains about leaving the door open for Monique so that she would have access, Number 2 says “Doesn’t she know how to knock on a door then?” And that’s the thing, no-one knocks on Number 6’s door, they just walk in!
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