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Sunday, 15 July 2018


    There is no escape, we are Village! It’s been tried so many times before, and here we are still in The Village! The thing is before any escape you need to know where you’re escaping from, so you know where you are escaping to. Otherwise you’re simply making good your escape by simply running away. And is it really any better elsewhere? In The Village you’re looked after for as long as you live, such is their welfare policy. And anyway if you are a good boy and cough up the secrets who knows where that might get you. Take Cobb for example, and Chambers late of the foreign Office. Not to mention the Colonels and Fotheringay, even Number 2 who was once as much a prisoner as anyone in The Village. Regretfully he resisted for so short a time, then he wasn’t trained as a field agent. But then everyone talks on the third day as a rule, Number 6 however is an exception to that rule. So talk and they might let you go, but even then you’re never truly free, they come for you sooner or later wanting you to work for them in some capacity or other. You might be like the Colonel who was brought to The Village in order to undergo a mind transference with Number 6. That was to cost the Colonel his life.
   So escape isn’t perhaps what it’s cracked up to be, it’s probably a case of better the Devil you know, better than the one you don’t. Anyway the sun’s shining, it’s a beautiful day, the weather forecast is the recent spell of good weather is to last another month, and I fancy an ice cream. Flavour of the day is strawberry, well when isn’t it? Only on Village Day when it’s raspberry!

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