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Saturday, 21 July 2018


    It’s alright for some, I only feature in ‘the Prisoner’ once, in ‘Arrival.’ I’m an undercover working for Number 2, assigned to Number 6 I had to feign bereavement at Cobb’s funeral. That was in order to get close to Number 6. The story was I was supposed to have been going to escape The Village with Cobb. 6 wanted me to go with him, but I never intended to not without Cobb. I gave Number 6 the Electro Pass which synchronizes with the alarm system of the helicopter and lets you through. I think Number 6 guessed it was Number 2 who gave the Electro Pass to me, despite my telling him I knew the last pilot. Apparently he saw me leaving the Green Dome, Number 6 that is, he must have suspected me even then! Originally I was to have been Number 9 during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ but since there had already been one female Number 9, to have another No.9 in Nadia Rakovski would be too soon. I don’t know why though, after all originally ‘Dance of The Dead’ was to have followed on from ‘Arrival,’ and then ‘Free For All,’ so I could have appeared in at least two episodes.

See you søøn

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