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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Orbit Tubes!

    What did Number 1 want with a rocket? Was this The Village’s shot at the Moon? Number 6 once said he’d like to be the first man on the Moon, it’s a long way to go to find peace and isolation, and the atmosphere’s not much to write home about! But those Orbit tubes they look like a life support mechanism, Orbit 48, Orbit 2, what price Orbit 6? If this was to get rid of three troublemakers, they had enough armed guards to have each one of them put up against a wall and shot! But no, it’s just like Number 1 to have some elaborate plan in mind. Instead of putting them up against a wall, why not put them in a rocket and launch them into space? And so as not to be too cruel, give them all a sporting chance, put them in life support status. That way they would one day wake up from suspended animation somewhere in deep space........if the rocket made it that far. But like all elaborate schemes involving Number 6, it didn’t work! And we all know what happened next.......violent and bloody revolution {you have to imagine the blood} evacuation and escape. Although there were 4 Orbit tubes in the rocket, I can only imagine that one was for Number 1, not that he got to use it sealed in the nose cone.

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