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Thursday, 5 July 2018

Playing Truant!

    Number 6 is caught on the beach by two school prefects as he sarcastically calls them. Although they are really guardians.
    “Are you a student?”
    “Who isn’t, are you prefects?”
    “What are you doing here?”
    “Playing truant!”
    {The Professor is run to ground by the pursuing students, and manhandled back towards The Village}
    “Come on, we’ll give you a lift.”
    “Where to?”
    “Home. Hundred percent entry, hundred percent pass, you know what the General said.”
    “Who’s the General?”
   “Come on, you don’t want to start the term with a black mark.”
   Just a minute, start the term with a black mark, surely the term has been running for some time. The public announcement from the General’s office is enough to prove that. This together with the fact that students taking the 3 year history course were to go to their home immediately is a sure indication that the Professor’s lectures for the educational experiment of Speed Learn, have been on-going for some time. But what institutes a school term? After all a 3 year history course is imposed directly onto the cortex of the brain in three minutes!
   Number 6 told the waiter that he isn’t one of the Professor’s students, so where has Number 6 been all this time, not to have heard of either the Professor or the General?

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