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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Quote For The Day

   “Morning, nice day again.”
   “Be nice again tomorrow.”
   “What happened in eighteen seventy-eight?”
   “Eighteen seventy-eight? 
Eastern Romania was declared an autonomous province of the Turkish empire.”
    “Word perfect eh. Best of luck with the exams!”
                                {The waiter-No.26 and No.51 –The General}
    When it comes to the educational experiment of Speed Learn, are exams necessary? The lectures are “projected through the sublimator at a speed thousands of times faster than the eye can record, are imposed directly onto the cortex of the brain, and is, with occasional boosts, virtually indelible.” So it appears exams would be unnecessary, and a complete waste of time. After all the learning process has been completely by-passed, as has the possibility of making mistakes. “Virtually indelibly imposed on the brain,” means everyone knows the same information, and spouts the same answers word for word! If the three children, visited in the nursery by Number 6, had been subjected to the Speed Learn experiment, they would have been pleased, as with Speed Learn there’s no need for homework, and school would be a thing of the past!

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