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Sunday, 1 July 2018


    This bloke’s picture has been ex’d out!
    It means he’s resigned his job, file him under resigned.
    All those grey filing cabinets, all that information.
    What about it?
    Well we’re in this huge warehouse, and we never see anyone from one weeks end to the next. I mean what’s it all for?
    Not our place to ask, and even if it was.......
    So this bloke resigned.
    He’s not been the first, and I dare say he won’t be the last.
    There no name on this card.
    It’s a computer print-out card.
    I wonder who he was?
    Is, I don’t expect he’s dead, otherwise he’d be filed under deceased. But one thing he was, he was a Civil Servant, otherwise he wouldn’t be filed here.
    Wonder what they did to him?
    How do you mean?
    Well Civil Servants aren’t supposed to resign and get away with it, are they?
    No, I’ll put the kettle on.
    Any biscuits?
    No, we have cake today, a
Victoria sponge.
    Oh goody.
    Have you filed that yet?
    I’ve just sent it down the line.
    One day we’ll end up being filed away somewhere in one of these grey filing cabinets.
    We would have to file ourselves away!  
    How do you make that out?
    We’re always down here! When was the last time either of us went outside?
    Tea’s up. Do you want to go outside?
    Well stop going on and drink your tea, I’ll cut us a piece of cake.
    I mean no-one comes here. We could be dead for all anyone cares!
    We can’t be dead, we’re not filed away. You have to be filed away under DECEASED to be dead, and we’re not dead. Hello what’s this coming through?
    {The teleprinter types a message.}
    What is it?
    It’s a request!
    What for?
    No-one’s put a request in for information before. We file anything sent to us, and that’s an end to it. What do they want?
    A letter.
    What letter?
    A letter of resignation.
    And yours!
    They can’t do this to us!
    They can, they can make us redundant!
    We are redundant!
    I wonder what they’ll do with us?
    Now you know!
    I don’t like this place!
    The Village, I don’t much care for it either.
    They say there’s no escape, that no-one ever leaves this place!
    Then we’ll just have to get used to it!
    But no-one comes here!
    I’ll put the kettle on.
    Citizens Advice Bureau, what’s the point when there’s no-one to offer advice to......any biscuits?
    No, we’ve got cake today, Victoria sponge.
    Oh goody...............

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