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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The Prisoner

    Questions, they are the very burden especially when you don’t know what the answer is. Even after almost 51 years of ‘the Prisoner’ it’s still unsure whether or not the woman in Number 6’s dream who hands him one of her earrings is Mrs. Butterworth of ‘Many Happy Returns’ or not, because he hasn’t physically met her yet! The fact that she says to him “Number six, I just know it’s your lucky number” might simply be one of those in-jokes which springs up within the series from time to time. Fictionally there’s no reason why the woman isn’t Mrs. Butterworth, surrealistically it does make for an interesting little scene. Equally there still remains the question of the General as mentioned in ‘The Schizoid Man’ by Number 6 Curtis who talked about reporting to the General which Number 2 said was a new one, reporting to the General! So is that General the same General as in the next episode of ‘The General?’ If it is it’s no wonder Number 2 found it peculiar that Curtis should suggest reporting to the General, one cannot report to a computer personally! And yet it might well be that as Curtis {Number 6} was about to leave The Village, the General was just arriving!

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