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Sunday, 1 July 2018

The Therapy Zone

    There are those who feel the quote from Kafka’s ‘The Castle is quite apt for ‘the Prisoner’ because on the surface Number 6 does appear to know a good deal about The Village himself. For example he knew that Number 9 in ‘Arrival’ had been assigned to him as she had been to Cobb.
Number 6 is aware that in the woods they can see but cannot hear, the observers, but then he could have learnt that for himself. He knew that Number 14 was a doctor and that she was one of them! Also the name of that the white membranic Village Guardian – ‘Rover’ was known to him, how did he know that then?
    He knows the price of Whiskey and Vodka 26 and 24 work units respectively. And where the green dome is, having showed Number 8 the way across the square, across the street, up the steps you can’t miss it!
    “Be seeing you” a passing citizen says.
    “Sounds like a salute” Number 8 remarks.
    “It is” he tells her.
    He knows that they’ve heard, they are aware and they don’t need anyone’s help!
   And he recognised the voice of Number 2 in ‘Once Upon A Time’ realising that he had been here before. Ah but what Number 6 doesn’t know far outweighs what he does. For example in ‘Free For All’ Number 6 didn’t know where the Town Hall was, he had to check it on the map of the electronic free information board. He didn’t know about the electrical force field of the Town Hall in ‘Dance of the Dead’ when he tried to follow his observer Number 240 inside.
Nor did he know if anyone had seen ‘the rules’ which were spoken about during his trial in ‘Dance of the Dead.’ Number 6 doesn’t know where the village is, he’s always asking “Where am I?” Though later he does learn the location of The Village for himself in ‘Many Happy Returns.’
   He doesn’t know who Number 1 is, neither is he sure which side runs the village.
   ‘The General’ he hasn’t a clue about until he is introduced to the computer, and Therapy Zone is explained to him, as is jamming. Yes Number 6 does know a good deal about The Village, yet he seems to know at times even less. What Number 6 does know about The Village he learns through his time and experience there. Mind you having said this, seeing that Number 6 is the alter ego of Number 1 he should know all there is to know about The Village, and the perfect way of escape to boot!

Be seeing you

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