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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Thought For The Day

    It’s never sad to arrive at the end of a screening of ‘the Prisoner,’ because one can always put the DVD or indeed VHS video tape back in the machine and begin it all over again. After all that’s what Number 6 does, he gets into his car, drives off and it begins all over again. Seeing as the Butler is the only one to enter the house of No.1 Buckingham Place, does that make him Number 1? Many enthusiasts for ‘the Prisoner’ came to think he was. And that automatic electronic door, despite the door having been upgraded, it also shows The Village is in London. Ah but when ZM73 arrived home from having handed in his letter of resignation, he has to open the front door of the house himself. It doesn’t open automatically for him, not like it did for the Butler! And where is the Butler, in the kitchen perhaps. More likely he’s on his way to The Village in time for the Prisoner’s arrival there, having first packed two suitcases for his master, laid out his passport, and arranged his airline ticket first.
    Yes begin it all again with ‘Fall Out’ followed by ‘Arrival, but to mix the rest of the episodes up. Keeping ‘Once Upon A Time’ and ‘Fall Out’ as the last two episodes, yes that does mean watching ‘Fall Out’ twice. And yet had the start of the opening sequence been added to the end of ‘Fall Out,’ it would have meant the Prisoner had escaped The Village, and now went searching for those answers he’s so keen on finding!
     But all the episodes in between mix them up. Never mind about times, dates, and all that kind of thing, put them in alphabetic order is one way. Mind you my second favourite episode is ‘Checkmate,’ to put them in order of preference, has that been tried before?

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