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Monday, 23 July 2018

Thought For The Day

    It no longer matters why the Prisoner known as Number 6 resigned, or who Number 1 is, or for that matter who is Number 2, or where is The Village. 51 years of supposition and speculation takes its toll, if one is no wiser 51 years after the event you never will be. We believe what we want about ‘the Prisoner.’ Its meanings can be as complex as may be, but it is we who make it complex. I should imagine that enthusiasts for the series have thought of questions which never dawned in the mind of Pat McGoohan. I never met the man, and even if the opportunity had arisen I don’t think I would  have wanted to. I have never really been a fan of McGoohan, and I don’t believe you have to be to enjoy either ’Danger Man’ or ‘the Prisoner.’ With me it’s the character that matters, although one could say the character of McGoohan and Number 6 are one and the same. That’s as maybe, but watching ‘the Prisoner’ I do not think of that. Nor for that matter do I take into consideration that Number 1 and Number 6 are one and the same, not until ‘Fall Out.’ After all, he who looks upon the face of Number 1 does so as though he were looking into a mirror!

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  1. I may be out of step here, but I've never been particularly interested in the meaning of The Prisoner. I'm much more fascinated with finding explanations. By using a process of logical inference, it's possible to eke out more knowledge than is given or implied in each episode. What do I want? Information!

    1. Hello New 42,
      You're not out of step at all, as far as the Prisoner goes its whatever floats your boat that counts.
      If its information you want, then you'll want to buy a copy of my forthcoming book, it will be full of new information never before published in any previous Prisoner based book

      Best regards

  2. Note to self: must acquire sufficient credits to purchase book.