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Sunday 5 April 2020


    Whatever was ‘B’ doing hiking across the mountains to Switzerland? Obviously attempting to avoid capture by her enemies. ‘B’ is the first woman Number 6 feels at ease with, except perhaps for Nadia, but then he was using her so that he could achieve his own aims, that of escape. ‘B’ on the other hand, which side do they represent to each other? Number 6 and ‘A’ for example used to work on the same side, they were once friends. But now ‘A’ does the same job but on a different side to that of his former friend and colleague. But ‘B’ Number 6 knows a good deal about her, that she has a son, and her son’s name although he did not utter it. They dance together, Number 6 plays a kind of “handy-pandy” with her, and even has his arm round her waist, he seems very relaxed in her company. Yes he does get close to Nadia in one scene, but then that’s not the actress Nadia Gray playing Nadia Rakovski!

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