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Wednesday 8 April 2020

Village Matters

    What with Chambers being “late” of the Foreign Office having presumably defected, ZM73 resigning his job, then there’s Cobb who is now working for the village. And what about the Colonel and Fotheringay? They have obviously been recruited and now in the  pay of those behind the village, while at the same time maintaining their positions in Military Intelligence, although the Colonel doesn’t appear to have that much intelligence! And of course later in ‘Fall Out’ we learn that No.2 of ‘Chimes’ was once abducted to the village and forced to work for the village whilst maintaining his position in the House of Lords, possibly in the Foreign Office. And then there’s ‘A’ who made World news once by defecting to the other side, although he doesn’t appear to have been all that important to have been taken to the village. Dutton appears to have been more important on the information  front even though he didn’t have access to the vital stuff, but than perhaps ‘A’ didn’t know enough to have himself abducted to the village. On the other hand, perhaps the other side got to him before he could be abducted to the Village! Certainly there seems to be something of a “brain drain,” for want of a better term from the British Civil Service at that time. Only persons who have remained loyal, are ZM73 despite his resignation, and Roland Walter Dutton who held out against them for as long as he could before he gave them all the information he knew

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