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Friday 17 April 2020


    “Get me Number 14…….Number 14 the experiment must come forward.” 
    “Impossible I need all of a week.”
    “I haven’t got a week!”
    “I haven’t finished testing it on animals, let alone people.”
    “Then now’s your chance!”

    It’s true that animals dream, my cat Pushkin for example certainly dreams, and when she does her legs kick out as though she’s chasing something, cats generally dream about chasing something. But the question is, as a good friend of mine asked, what would testing on animals prove when it comes to "reading" and manipulating human dreams? Dreams or more generally put: imagination that follows a certain accessible logic to some degree. But what is the nature (logic) of animal dreams? Do the Village scientists know?
    It’s perfectly right to question the nature, or logic to animal dreams.     So what would testing her drug on animals prove exactly? And how were those experiments conducted on animals in order to prove her drug? Perhaps No.14 conducted a number of tests on animals in the same way she hooked No.6 up to her equipment, displaying energy from the brain, thoughts like sound waves, converted into electrical impulses and finally………………..into pictures displayed on a screen.
What would testing on animals prove when it comes to "reading" and manipulating human dreams?” I don’t think No.14 would want to manipulate an animal’s dream, and even if she did how would that be done exactly, even if she could get into the animal’s dream.
    Perhaps No.14 had the theory that it’s possible to see into the sub-consciousness of animals and like No.6, bring their dreams to life on the screen. And perhaps that was enough. Because I don’t think 14 had the idea of having to manipulate No.6’s dream until later into the experiment.

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