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Tuesday 14 April 2020

Thought For The Day

    I wonder when it was, and how No. 2 in ‘Arrival’ learned that he had been replaced. Perhaps it was while he was at the Labour Exchange, if No.2 had been promoted from administration, he was in the perfect place to try and get his old job back! We see the new No.2 riding passed the Labour Exchange on his way to the Green Dome just as predecessor was going into the Labour Exchange, if he was allowed to return to the Green Dome then to find his successor already settled in to his office would have come as a shock. But at least they allowed him to finish his task with No.6 first before they gave him the sack.
   I can think of only one reason they would replace No.2, and that is to have No.6 begin all over again with a new No.2, just to keep him off balance! How long the first No.2 had been in the village we do not know. De-briefing, and briefing No.6 about the village may well have been his last task before the end of his term in office. Mind you we have no idea just how long his successor lasted after ‘Arrival.’ Interim No.2’s do not tend to last all that long, I say interim No.2 because not one of them is permanent!
   It has not escaped my notice that the managers of the Labour exchange in both ‘Arrival’ and ‘Free For All’ do not dress the same as other administrative figures in the village. No.20 here for example, wears the grey tails and grey top hat as though dressed for a wedding!

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