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Friday, 17 April 2020

Page 6

    During the Prisoner’s debriefing we see a number of still photographs on the wall screen in Number 2’s office.
    “What was that, sounded like a click, something in the mirror, or was it over there? Yes over there too!”
    The question is who was keeping ZM73 under the closest possible surveillance, and why? It might have been British Intelligence; it could have been Special Branch, or those behind the village who were keeping an eye on him for selection to be abducted to the village!
    In ‘Dance of The Dead’ we learn there is a camera in the shower room in ‘6 Private,’ and there must be cameras covering all angles in the cottage. But when No.6 is taking a shower is the camera then turned off, thereby affording No.6 and others like him, a certain amount of personal privacy? And what about going to the toilet, mind you ‘6 Private’ doesn’t seem to have a toilet, how very uncomfortable for No.6!

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