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Saturday 23 May 2020

A Favourite Scene In Arrival

    If there is a way out of the village, then it’s by helicopter! Having been given an Electro Pass by No.9, who declined to escape with No.6, as she never intended to escape without Cobb. No.6 became suspicious of No.9, suggesting she was given the Electro Pass from her boss No.2. However given the opportunity No.6 is not a man to look a gift horse in the mouth, he takes his chances.
    Having got passed the watch dog, No.6 in the helicopter prepares to take off, and yet there’s something not quite right. It’s the scenery outside the helicopter. At one point, looking out of the front of the Perspex cabin its clear the helicopter isn’t on a lawn in Portmeirion, but in a field, and the tree behind the helicopter hasn’t any leaves on it! So this scene was filmed in two locations, which is fair enough. And when we see No.6 fighting with the joystick, trying to maintain control of the helicopter, the rotor blades are not turning which suggests the helicopter is still on the ground! But I always enjoy the scene with the Guardian thwarted by No.6, and getting more and more agitated that this man is going to escape and there’s nothing it can do about it! And then just as No.6 thinks he’s getting away with the escape, an operator in the control room takes over control of the helicopter via remote control, effectively turning the helicopter into a drone. They let No.6 keep the
Electro Pass just to remind him that escape is not possible, well if that was the idea it didn’t work, because No.6 makes the best of any opportunity!

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