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Monday 11 May 2020

No.1 Buckingham Place

    During ‘Fall Out’ on the wall screen the former No.6 can see his house is being prepared for him. The ‘for sale’ sign is removed, the windows cleaned, and his car delivered and polished, then he is presented with the key to his house. And yet by the time the former No.6 returns to his London home the front door of No.1 Buckingham Place has received an upgrade. When the butler makes to go into the house there is no need for a key to unlock the door, because the door is now operated electronically and opens automatically for him! It gives the impression that No.6 has been in the village all the time!
    So why does ZM73, for want of a better name, have to use a key when he returns home from handing in his letter of resignation, this during the opening sequences to ‘Arrival,’ which follows on from ‘Fall Out’?
   As for the estate agents, Lageu and Son, the owners had put No.1 Buckingham Place up for sale, which must have been the firm ZM73 did business with in regard to obtaining the lease of the house in the first place. But now, who purchased the house on his behalf, and why?

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