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Tuesday 5 May 2020


   It would seem No.6 is a dab hand at sewing, having made himself a punch bag. No doubt the sand used to give the bag weight was filled with sand from the beach, but where did he get the all rags which would have made up the bulk of the punch bag?

   The punch bag is hung from a rope made from hemp, and there is also a climbing rope. I imagine he obtained those from the maintenance workshop, and not stolen from part of the rigging of the Stone Boat. However the ropes securing the supports for the high bar are secured by the use of dead creepers like the ones which grew up this tree.
  The creeper would have been stripped from the tree, in fact you can see a frayed end of the creeper which has a cut straight edge where it’s been cut, which is an indication of No.6’s work. Then the strands of the dead creeper plant would have been braided together in order to give them strength as a rope. Whatever one might think of our friend No.6, you have to admire him for his skill and ingenuity!

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