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Saturday 2 May 2020

If You Go Down To The Woods Today…….

    At the beginning of ‘A Change of Mind’ the two thugs, No.16 and No.53, who were obviously sent to the woods in order to pick a fight with No.6 so that when he vanquished his two opponents it would give them the opportunity to go running to supposedly the Welfare Committee to put in a complaint against No.6 for assault! That was all well and good as far as No.2 was concerned, but then 37 minutes into the episode No.6 finds himself back at his gymnasium in the woods, and who turns up but, No.’s 16 and 53 seeking to extract their revenge upon No.6. No.6 had doubts enough as it was, but somehow that fight helped him back to his senses, and was suddenly his old self once more. It’s possible that adrenalin, released in No.6’s body during the fight, helped counteract the Mytol sedative administered by No.86 during the supposed operation of Instant Social Conversion on No.6.  Had it not been for the intervention of 16 and 53…..well who can say what would have happened!

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