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Monday 13 July 2020

Caught On Camera!

  This is a frame from a film shot by a member of the public who was either staying, or visiting Portmeirion in September 1966, at the time when the location shoot for four episodes of ‘the Prisoner’ were being filmed. As far as I am aware the short piece of amateur film footage is all there is of the Village helicopter, a French Alouette, landing on the water of the estuary at Portmeirion. Had the production crew filmed the helicopter with its floats landing on the water in ‘Free For All’ after No.6 had been attacked by the Guardian, there would have been no need to repeat the type of scene in which three Guardians rescue Nadia during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’ For a change they could have recovered No.6 using the helicopter instead of the three Guardians again. In fact the picture does have the look of a scene in ‘Free For All’ when No.6 was floundering in the water, doesn’t it readers?

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