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Monday 13 July 2020

The Village Motor Pool!

   My modest collection of model cars of the type which feature in both series of the Prisoner, three Lotus 7’s or should that be Loti? A Caterham Seven does appear in the 2009 series. The ‘E’ type jaguar, the Ford/Lotus Cortina, and three Mini-Mokes, just one more and I have the full village fleet. Two of them need new canopies, previously I made three types which became rather old and tatty. The candy striped canopy, orange and white, and one black and white for the village hearse.
   For the 2009 series there’s the Renault Dauphine which served as the village taxi. Also the Morris Minor, the black
Bedford van which acted at the village ambulance which took patients to the Clinic or to an even worse place! And amongst others the Volkswagen camper van which appears in both series not to forget the “Bubble Car” the Isetta. Not amongst them is the Scammell Highwayman Transporter complete with cage, that’s in a box in the archive, as is the Alouette, and Bell Ten helicopters, as well as a London Route Master bus. I used to have them all on display, but not so much these days. In fact it was collecting the model cars for the 2009 series of ‘the Prisoner’ that rekindled my enthusiasm for collecting ‘Prisoner related model cars. There are still a few model cars I should like relating to the 2009 Pris6ner series, but it’s difficult to identify some of them, as they have no distinguishing makers marks or badges on the cars in the series. I think one of the buses used is a Mercedes, but I’m not sure!

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