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Thursday 30 July 2020

The Therapy Zone

   And so the great day was nearly over, it went off rather well Number 6 thought, better than planned in fact. And then the new Number 2 could look forward to his own retirement, and Number 6 is sure they will arrange something equally suitable for him when the day comes.
   “Be seeing you…won’t I?” said Number 6, there is a question mark over that, oh not like the word Security in The Tally Ho, but will Number 6 actually see this new Number 2 again? Because he had never met the previous Number 2 before the onset of Appreciation Day. He was trying to prevent his assassination, which of course he did. More than that Number 6 managed to orchestrate the retired Number 2’s escape, knowing that he could not have put the detonator to his own advantage.
   So where does that leave this retired Number 2? Because as the new Number 2 looked to the sky, the helicopter was turning back towards the village, but on whose authority? Had Number 1 intervened? Had the Supervisor ordered the pilot to return to the village? The helicopter might have been taken under remote control as in ‘Arrival’ when Number 6 had attempted to escape by helicopter. More likely it was on the word of the retried Number 2, because he was all too well aware that they would catch up with him eventually wherever he went. And everyday he would be looking over his shoulder. So to save him all that grief perhaps Number 2 decided to return to The Village. After all he had nothing to fear, it was not his fault that Plan Division Q had failed. Perhaps Number 2 saw this as an opportunity to be able to return to the village and live out the rest of his life in quiet retirement in the Old People’s Home.

Be seeing you

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