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Tuesday 1 June 2021

60 Seconds With No.2


    No.113 "Well that went well."
    No.2 "You think so do you?"
    "Bringing someone to the village that bears a remarkable resemblance to Number Six."
    No.113b "Smile" {click goes the camera}
    "Why is he here?"
    "That is Number Six."
    "Oh I see, started already have you, I understand."
    "You've brought this man to the village to impersonate Number Six."
    "But that is Number Six."
    "I didn't know that a blind fold was part of security?"
    "I didn't want Number Six seeing......look who are you?"
    "I'm number one-one three, and this is my photographic colleague number one-one-three b, we contribute to The tally Ho you know."
    "No I didn't know. Look what do you want?"
    "Well we noticed that Number Six was about to leave the village."
    "Not leave, we've just brought him back."
    "So had he already left?"
    "But you said you've brought him back to the village, so to do that meant he'd have had to have left!"
    "Well he did. He just got out of the helicopter."
    "Where did he get in the helicopter?"
    "In the village."
    "But this is the village."
   "Yes he's just arrived!"
   "Has he, I thought..................."
   "Now if you don't mind, there's just been an arrival, and I have to de-brief the Prisoner."
   "An arrival, when?"
   "Just then."
   "But that's Number Six, he's been here all the time."
   "Has this got anything to do with the rumour that Number 6 is dead, killed by Rover?"
   "Look, you just saw Number Six get out of the helicopter, alright?"
   "Oh I get it."
   "He's been brought here to impersonate Number 6, because he's been killed by Rover!"
   "Oh anything you like!"
   "Yes Number Two, very clever of you. I hope you get away with it!"

Reporter Number 113
Photographer Number 113b

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