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Monday 7 June 2021

The Tally Ho


A Reported Breakdown In control!

by our own reporter

    This No.2 saw himself as the strong man, the hammer! And yet he was afraid, afraid that everyone in the village was against him. He called for increased surveillance because he saw conspiracy everywhere. Apparently there were unknown enemies within the village. We may not necessarily know who they are, but the community must be ever on its guard against them. As it happened all this was in No.2’s mind, all due to the man’s paranoia, that he saw how every was against him. He saw enemies everywhere, that those within the administration were all conspiring against him. Where they get such weak minded men as this I do not know.
    However to understand this man and his paranoid mind, you have to ask yourself what was it that first made this interim No.2 begin to suspect people were against him? I expect the psychologists will work with this former interim No.2, and will eventually get to the bottom of it. Because that is where this man is now, in the psychiatric wing of the hospital, and is likely to spend the rest of his days there. I am reliably informed that he blames D6 for all his troubles. But surely he means 6d, and he begs the doctors to have control contact XO4 who will have him extracted from the village. The doctors are sympathetic of course to the case, and are controlling the former interim No.2 with a cocktail of drugs. And yet he was so adamant in his story that one psychologist got the new Interim No.2 to check out the patient’s story. The result being that no record could be found of this D6, or 6d for that matter. As for XO4, there was no reference in any of the village files. Surveillance footage of No.6 and No.2 did indicate that it was No.2 who first made reference to both XO4 and D6. When questioned about these two code names No.6 said he was merely humouring No.2, after all it was No.2 who suggested that he was a plant sent here by No.2’s masters, to check security, to check on him! And yet the note written by No.6 confirms that it was he who actually made the first reference to D6 and XO4 in the note.
    No.14 didn’t help, and yet in the important matters, where No.14 could have been of real assistance, No.2 kept him at arm’s length. No.14 came to a bad end. I saw the body of No.14 lying on the ground in a tangled mass of metal railings which were once part of 6 Private’s balcony!
    No doubt there will be another interim No.2 who will come along soon, but if he turns out to be any better than those of his predecessors will remain to be seen. It’s one thing for any No.2 to succeed, to fail, to get lucky and save the situation by the skin of his teeth. But it’s another when No.2 reports himself as being a breakdown in control, telling No.1 that No.2 needs to be replaced. That must have hurt his pride. No.6 effectively destroyed No.2, but no action was taken against him. Perhaps the power that be, No.1, enjoyed watching No.6 and his “jamming” activities against No.2. As for this No.2, its highly probable that after having reported himself as being a breakdown in control, he was transferred to the head of psychiatrics tender and care on the psychiatric ward of the hospital. A broken man in need to be made better!

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