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Friday 6 August 2021

Life In The Village!



    “Yes sir, what can I do for you?”
    “Just a quick word.”
    “Yes sir?”
    “You know what you are don’t you?”
    “I’m the new shopkeeper.”
    “You’re a quisling!”
    “I’m sorry sir I’m not quite with you.”
    “When you went to see, no, when you went running off to see Number 2.”
    “I didn’t run sir.”
    “You were jamming!”
    “Jamming, what’s that?”
    “The broadsheet you showed Number 2, it wasn’t the one bought by Number 6!”
    “Really sir?!”
    “The one Number 6 bought was folded widthways; the one you handed to Number 2 was folded squarely.”
    “What have you to say about that?”
    “What’s it got to do with you?”
    “I’m an Observer!”
    “I’ll report you to Number 2!”
    “Yes I expect you will…once my back is turned!”


Be seeing you

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