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Thursday 12 August 2021

The Tally Ho


What Are Facts Behind Town Council?

                             by our own reporter

    Any No.2 can count him or herself fortunate not to be co-opted onto the town council, a town council which is made up of 12 sub-divided former interim No.2’s. No.6 who once stood for election as a new interim No.2, was himself brought before the town council in order to witness its disillusionment. Although described as “brainwashed imbeciles” by No.6, there is no evidence that this is in fact the case despite the blank, expressionless expressions on each of the councillor’s faces. Although The Tally Ho would not put anything passed the village administration system! There does seem little or no point to a local town council, because the 12 members standing on the council appear not to have a say in any proceedings. That No.2 Chairman of the town council always has the final word, but the only word on anything. In fact there is a close similarity between the local town council and that of the welfare committee to which disharmonious citizens are brought before in order to be brought to book. As with the welfare committee the members the administrational uniform is the same as those of the town council, they are equally silent, with their blank expressionless features. Only the Chairman of the welfare committee has the power to speak, unless he relies on the tape recorder to speak for him!

    So how does one become co-opted onto the town council, and why would anyone wish to be? A spokesperson for the council told your own reporter that it’s usual for a No.2 to be automatically co-opted onto the town council once their term in office has run its course. Either that or when an interim No.2 should fail in the task assigned to them. Perhaps that is why a certain No.2 was so eager to leave the village, by piloting the helicopter himself. He was so keen to leave he hadn’t even the time to show No.2 the ropes, telling the new interim No.2 that anything he needs to know, anything, just press a button! It makes this reporter wonder if any interim No.2 is fully briefed on the administrative workings of the village. It seems unlikely judging by the quick turn around of No.2’s that take up office in the village, No.6 wasn’t in office for more than 5 minutes, if that, which would represent the shortest time in office of any interim No.2. But he is far too important to the administration so wasn’t co-opted onto the town council.

   The local election gives the impression that No.2 is actually elected once a year, which is ridiculous because there is too much of a turnover of interim No.2’s, and besides No.6 was replaced as No.2 almost instantly by the former No.58 as the new interim No.2, which in itself makes a mockery of the whole election procedure. Sometimes No.2 is brought in from outside the village, and in those cases they are allowed to leave and return to their existence beyond the village. While other interim No.2’s are appointed from within the village administration, and after their term in office are absorbed back within the system, as with two such interim No.2’s who were filmed as part of Plan Division Q. This reporter learned that one of those two interim 2’s is in fact an Observer, he can be seen being sent from the control room as all subsidiary personnel were released early from duty that time. nd there is something strange about that council chamber, yes the walls are of a dark orange colour, but that metal work behind the two election posters, isn’t that the door to No.2’s office? No.6 once accused No.2 of being clever when they were in the Therapy Zone together getting drunk. No.2 agreed that they are, damned clever. Well not clever enough in this reporter’s notebook. Because had they really been that clever, they would have covered up that doorway far better than they did so to blend in with the rest of the wall. As it is it sticks out like a sore thumb! What then are we to understand about your local town council? That the village is indeed a pocket democracy, with the day to day running under the control of one man, the Chairman of the village, and Chief administrator No.2. His administrative manipulation of the citizens of this community is absolute, and local elections are nothing but a farce. As a former No.2 would have it, the village is nothing more than a 20th century Bastille!

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  1. Hi David

    I imagine that each successive No. 2 ought usefully to be asked: Are You Going to be More Permanent?


    1. Hello Mike,
      Good to hear from you my friend.
      Yes that would make a very good question, in fact it has given me an idea.
      And of course Derren Nesbitt says that Patrick McGoohan was going to make him the permanent No.2, mind you Peter Wyngarde claimed the exact same thing. And yet by the time those two actors worked on their own particular episodes production was well under way!

      Best regards