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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Arrival & The Attack of the Rover!

    On the day of his arrival in the village, the Prisoner is de-briefed by No.2, then given an aerial tour of the village. Later in the cenral Piazza the village guardian puts in it's first appearance. No.2 gives the order to "Be still." But one man in sunglasses and wearing a striped jersey runs and dodges about, but is eventually attacked by the village guardian, why? What possible meaning could this have? Well basically it's a demonstration of force, to No.6 as to what will happen if he, or indeed any citizen gets out of line or tries to escape, will encounter. Oh and when you watch this scene as the man is being suffocated into unconsciousness, watch how his striped jersey has been replaced by a pink blazer. That's because the close-up is of Mark Eden-No.100 being suffocated by the village guardian in It's Your Funeral.

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