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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Number Six - A Special Kind Of Animal

    That's why No.6 was treated with so much leniency, he has to be treated very differently, that they have many ways and means, but do not wish to damage him permanently. There are other ways, as they must not spoil him! They musn't damage the tissue, because No.6 is far too important. In fact 'they' see No.6 as having a future with 'them.'
   Not so poor Chambers, a nice guy and so he talked. Roland Walter Dutton, well you know what happened to him. He talked, but the doctor-No.40 didn't believe him, and went too far in his experiments, leaving Dutton a brainwashed imbicile! Which I feel is a worse fate than that originally intended for him, a termination order!
    No.6 was put through a series of trials, or ordeals, which were designed to make No.6 talk, to give away the reason behind his resignation, or to break him. He was put in dangerous situations, at times his very life put at risk. But No.6 plays a fine game, and often gives as good as he gets. Yet, why I wonder, did the village administration go to all that trouble with No.6? Oh I'm sure they were putting No.6 to the test. In fact No.6 survived the final test of Once Upon A Time, and had earned the right not to be No.6 or indeed any number at all. He vindicated the right of the individual to be individual. No.6 was seen to be the new leader of the village, and the offer of ultimate power was made to him by the President.
   But I suspect that Fall Out is nothing more than another manipulation of the Prisoner-No.6. and in being given the chance to meet with No.1, was merely a final throw of the dice to break No.6, by facing him with his other self. But No.6 was having none of it, and I suspect that had No.6 been able to lay hands on No.1, he would easily, and without feeling, have broken his neck!
   I have often wondered why it is, that the doctor-No.40, or any doctor, didn't use a truth drug like Scapolomine. In that way they would have gotten all the information No.6 had, including why he resigned, which seemed so important to them, and whats more, no tissue would have been damaged in the process!
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