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Monday, 21 March 2011

Information - Information - Information...........

   Poweys Media have already seen the publication of two novels based on the 1960's television series the Prisoner, those being The Prisoner's Dilemma, and the Prisoner: Miss Freedom. Now forthcoming from Poweys Media in 2011 are two further novels the Prisoner: The Last Waltz by John Kenneth Muir, and the Prisoner: Freedom Day by Rupert Booth. Also a previous novel The Prisoner: The Prisoner's Dilemma is to be released as an audio book, read by Rupert Booth.

    There are a further three books based on the Prisoner planned for publication at some point in the future. They are;
The Prisoner: Number Two Is Missing by Ben Aaronovich.
The Prisoner: The Other by Lance Parkin.
The Prisoner: Endgame by Willaim Latham.

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