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Friday, 25 March 2011

Caught On Camera

   I guess we've all seen it, this first 'Rover'. What a contraption. A dome fitted with a blue light, seated on a Go-Kart. The driver sat inside and looked out through a slit cut in the dome, through which the driver could see nothing. And the noise - the engine of the Go-Kart was so loud, that it interfered with the filming. The idea behind the Village Guardian, was that it was all terrain. It could run on land, in water, on sand, it would even be able to climb steps, and even up walls. But the truth of the matter is, that this thing could only run on tarmac! So the story goes, it was taken down on the beach, and it sank in the water, and was never seen again. Well surely if this infernal contraption had sunk without trace in the water in the estuary, then presumably it would have still been there, when the tide went out!      Be seeing you                               

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