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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Caught On Camera

This is a shot from the episode A Change of Mind, with No.6 walking along the path back to his cottage after his encounter with the committee in the Town Hall. But that's not what really concerns us here. What does concern us are the two cars at the top of the picture. One is in the top left hand corner, parked by Battery Square. And the second is just driving past the top of the steps at the top of the picture. Here is an enlarged section of the picture, to make it more clear.
Of course there are no cars in the village, well at least there shouldn't be. But of course there are, because they are the cars of the guests who were staying at Portmeirion during the filming of the Prisoner in September 1966. Other cars can be seen in the village scenes of the Prisoner, both ground level, and in aerial shots. They did try and hide the cars belonging to guests with the aid of red and white striped screens. So when you see a long red and white screen in the village, you know it's hiding all probability a  motor car, or cars. Be seeing you.                                                                                                         

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