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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Daily Prognosis On No.6

     During It's Your Funeral No.2 orders a daily prognosis report to be carried out on No.6. Part of that daily prognosis has No.6 at a kiosk, buying a bar of soap, and a copy of the newspaper. Does No.6 buy a bar of soap everyday? And The Tally Ho newspaper - it's issued daily at noon, yet the prognosis report has No.6 buying a copy of the newspaper at 10am........................No.2 was right when he said "It's all wrong," that "It doesn't work!"
   One other point, No.6 feels sorry for No.36, when her credit allowance had been all used up, and so couldn't buy her sweets. So No.6 buys No.36 a bag of sweets, when the original script has him buying the woman a packet of cigarettes. It's cigarettes No.36 couldn't go all day without.....not sweets!

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