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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

You're Not Allowed Animals - It's A Rule!

    Well No.2 was allowed an animal, well at least No.2 of Dance of the Dead laid claim to the black cat. So does that mean No.2-Mary Morris of Dance of the Dead was in office during Many Happy Returns, as No.6 was preparing to leave the village, because that's when No.6 first sees the black cat. With Mrs Butterworth brought to the village as the new No.2 in that episode, but then No.2-Mary Morris, brought back for Dance of the Dead? Or perhaps the black cat belongs to the 'female' No.2, seeing as the cat is feline, and not seen about the village when there is a male No.2. And no, I had not forgotten the once No.58-the new No.2 of Free For All.
    The black cat is seen as a harbinger of good luck, yet it is also said to bring bad luck if a black cat crosses your path! No.6 had a black cat cross his path in Many Happy Returns, just as he was casting off on his epic sea voyage. I cannot believe for one moment that it was the black cat which smashed that cup and saucer on the table. Someone must have been there to put the scare into No.6 at that moment. For you can observe the expression of No.6's face. He had gone to all that trouble in building his Kon-Tiki style sea-going raft, and 'they' had simply sat back and let No.6 get on with it. And now, his hopes were to be dashed at the last minute! Or so No.6 thought................
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