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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Caught On Camera

    Peter Wyngarde said that he had gone to the length of learning Karate for this one short scene for Checkmate. In which No.2 sits crossed legged in perfect concentration.................................until a sudden release of controlled power and agression.
    Did Peter Wyngarde learn Karate for this one brief scene? I shouldn't think so, he would not have had time. Besides he is a credible enough actor, and the wood he had to split, was either light Balsa wood, or a short lenth of wood which had been sawn partly through to make the blow easier for the actor to deliver and split the wood. Now if it had been a plie of bricks No.2 split with his forhead, that would have been impressive!       Be seeing you.


  1. Actually, Peter is has a black belt in Karate, so the wood-splitting was completely authentic.

    Tina Bate

    The Official Peter Wyngarde Appreciation Society:

    1. Hello Tina,
      I stand corrected, and appear to have done Mr. Wyngarde a diservice.
      If that was completely authentic, he is most certainly to be congratulated.
      As it happens Peter Wyngarde's appearence in 'the Prisoner' isn't my favourite one. I much prefer to watch Peter as Langdale Pike in the episode of 'Shelock Holmes' 'The Three Gables.'

      Good to hear from you
      Very best regards