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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Why Did You Resign?

    What does it matter why the Prisoner resigned? It's no business of ours. Time to leave the poor man alone! If people can't chuck up a job things have come to a pretty pass, as No.2 once put it. The Prisoner did actually tell No.2 why he resigned, only I don't think he was listening, because he asked the Prisoner to tell him again. But the Prisoner was never a man to repeat himself, 'You've been told' is all he would say. But why should the Prisoner have to say anything? He simply resigned as a matter of choice.He shouldn't have to answer to anyone. Its entirely his prerogative, his democratic right as an individual, to proceed in any way he sees fit. That's the whole piont of it all, except.............Well the Prisoner isn't like most individuals. He's not a Butcher, Baker, or Candlestick Maker, a man in the Prisoner's position cannot simply get up and walk away. It's not simply a matter of storming into someones office, shouting his mouth off, slamming his letter of resignation down on the desk, and storming out, and expect that would be the end of the matter, No!
    Callan was recruited to 'the Section' of British Intelligence as an assassin. If someone was in need of being bumped off, their name went into a red coloured file, and then that file was given to Callan, and he......killed that person, and was not expected to ask questions such as 'Why?' Callan once resigned from the Section of British Intelligence. He was allowd to leave, but kept on a short leash by Hunter, Callan's immediate superior. Callan ended up as a clerk working for £8 a week. Had the Prisoner been allowed to remain at large, that might be how he turned out, working in a dead end job for £8 a week. But then again the Prisoner is of a different calibre to that of Callan. Besides which the Prisoner was ready to get away. He was going abroad, somewhere in Europe, Paris perhaps. But it was all too late. Because the moment the Prisoner drove out of that underground car park in Abingdon Street in the city of Westminster, 'they' were onto him. Two Undertakers followed him through the streets of London, to arrive in Buckingham Place before him, waiting patiently as the Prisoner arrived home, went into his house......................and of course the rest is history.
     People do resign their jobs, it's a fact of life. But depending on the type of job, that act of resignation can bring about different effects. While some in higher walks of life have to answer to a higher authority, others have to answer to the wife, or husband. Me, when I resigned my job, the only person I had to answer to was the woman at the Job Centre 'Why did you resign Mister Stimpson?' I resigned because for a very long time..............            BCNU

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