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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Yes, I Can't Wait To See Him!

    Why was Fotheringay so excited at seeing his ex-colleague the Prisoner-No.6 again? After all he like the Colonel is a damned traitor! Suconded to the Village to help dress the stage in order to make No.6 think he has actually been returned to an office that he knows very well in London. A traitor? Well yes, given the information at the time, that the Village is in Lithuania, on the Baltic, begind the Iron Curtain!
   Fotheringay is speaking on the telephone about the impending arrival of his ex-colleague, when he tells someone that he can't wait to see his ex-colleague. In the same scene during what is termed The Alternative Chimes of Big Ben, Fotheringay goes further 'We weren't just professional colleagues you know. We were at school together.' That being at school perhaps implied an in-joke, that actor Richard Wattis and Patrick McGoohan were at Ratcliffe College together. Well they were not, Richard Wattis did not go to Ratcliffe College, at the same time as McGoohan, or indeed at any other time.
    What's more at the end of The Chimes of Big Ben, No.6 knows that he cannot trust his ex-colleagues, as Forthingay stands large upon the steps of the Recreation Hall. Fotheringay who works for the Village, asking of his next assignment, fresh instructions which will be given to him by the Colonel. But for now, Fotheringay must return to London before any embarassing questions are asked.......what embarassing questions might they be? Parhaps Fotheringay should not have been in the Village! Certainly Fotheringay is one of those trustys who are alllowed to have knowledge of the Village, and at the same time allowed to leave. And it makes you wonder doesn't it, that if No.6 knows that he could no longer trust his ex-colleagues, why it is that every time he is free of the Village, he goes running back to them?   I'll be seeing you.

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