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Sunday, 24 July 2011

A Right Old Pantomime Is Dance of the Dead

    Peter Pan, a boy played by a woman. There's a Principal boy dancing to the music, with everyone in fancy dress costume, including the Chinese Emporer as though from Aladin, and No.240 as little Bo-Peep who always knows where to find her sheep!
   The trial of the Prisoner is also something of a pantomime, because you know that sentence given to the Prisoner is never going to be carried out, seeing as how earlier in the episode the Prisoner was said to have a future with the Village.
    Roland Walter Dutton was also in a Jester's fancy dress costume, and it was he who the Prisoner called as a character witness, seeing him as the only person free and able to say the things that needed to be said. But might there have been more to it than Dutton being due to die? Roland Walter Dutton was brought before the Court, as a Court Jester.....................  In olden days of the Medieval period, each King would have a Court Jester, and it was the Jester who was the only one at Court who could say the things that needed to be said, critising the King perhaps, making a fool of him, speaking out against the political policies of the day, and not be punished for it.        I'll be seeing you

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