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Tuesday, 12 July 2011


  If there is one occupation which the good citizens enjoy, it's parading around the pool and fountain in the central Piazza. Here they are, look, all having a good time. But if you look very carefully, you can observe that there are two frogmen amongst their number, two men in's not carnival is it? Fancy dress? Well as a matter of fact it is, but we've seen frogmen before, in the corridor leading to the undergound cavern in Fall Out. But here we have two frogmen out and about in the Village.
There they are, with masks. Perhaps seeing as it's Carnival, they thought that they would blend in and not be observed, thought to be themselves in fancy dress costume. But somehow I don't think so. Perhaps they are divers, lifeguards for the pool and fountain in case someone fell into the water. No, that doesn't seem very plausible.

    I know, they are maintenance men, divers who have the dangerous task of maintaining the underwater containmant area for the Village Guardian!  Well they did actually use divers to release the meteorological weather ballons from the bottom of the estaury, during the production of the Prisoner! So that's perhaps who those frogmen are. They do have a logo on their wet suits, as do the fromen seen in Fall Out, a divers club logo I shouldn't wonder. But I've not been able to see the logo in good clarity so to try and identify it. Be seeing you.

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