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Monday, 25 July 2011

It's Inexplicable!

    The way No.6 tells his ex-colleagues , the Colonel and Thorpe, that The Tally Ho newspaper is issued daily at noon, when in It's Your Funeral he is able to purchase a copy at 10:20am!


  1. What nobody ever considers about newspapers is that "Today's News" is always actually Yesterday's News...... :-D

  2. Hello Moor Larkin,

    You are absolutely right of course. Todays news is never reported. But one newspaper report I could never figure out, although it never featured in 'the Prisoner,' was the news of No.6's reported death in an accident at sea in a copy of The Tally Ho at the end of 'Many Happy Returns.' I'm pleased that was dropped from the finished episode. Because why report No.6's death in an acceident at sea, when the next day he would be seen walking large as life about the Village? Surely the report would have been carried in a newspaper in the outside world, the Sunday Mirror, The People, The Sunday Times, and dare I say it.....The News of The World!