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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lava Lamps - Just That Or Something More Malevolent?

   Here it is, the Astro Lamp or Lava Lamp produced by the Mathmos Company, first developed by Mister Edward Cravern-Walker, after seeing one on display in a country public house. He became fascinated by the contraption, purchased it immediately, and expanded upon it around 1963. The Astro or Lava Lamp became an iconic symbol of the 1960's, which is still popular today.   The Village also has the Lava Lamp. No.6 has two in his cottage. No.2 in Arrival also has two Lava Lamps in his office, but one placed on top of the other. However these are removed by the time of The Chimes of Big Ben. Instead you can see the Lava Lamp effect shown on the large wall screen in No.2's office. And in many other buidlings and offices around the Village, there is the Lava Lamp, even in the Medical Examination Room in the Hospital!  Why? Okay, once switched on and heated up, the almost perpetual movement of the wax in the oil can be very relaxing to watch, even theraputic, certainly decorative. But having the Lava Lamp in the Village, could it not take on a more sinister and symbolic meaning? Could it's presence in the Village be symbolic of that membranic creature, the Village Guardian, that patrols the Village, bringing to heel anyone who attempts to escape, rendering it's victim unconscious by suffocation - or worse. We have seen how it is contained in a containment area somewhere at the bottom of the sea, and have observed how a segment of the Village Guardian is released. In fact, could not the Lava Lamp be a smaller containment for a segment of the Village Guardian placed in the homes, buildings, and offices as a daily reminder of what is waiting out there for anyone who goes off the rails, and attempts to escape? Watch the Lava Lamp as it heats up, the wax growing and expanding, almost alive, malevolent almost, as though it would do you harm if only it could escape its confines! Is that not the way it might appear to citizens in the Village? And one way of controlling this membranic creature would be to  simply ...............switch it off!     I'll be seeing you                                                                                   


  1. I want an amber one like I saw on The Prisoner. It has a shorter base and top that the ones I see for sale.

    1. Hello Unknown,

      Mathmos Lava lamps are the exact same design as those in the Prisoner, that company might be able to help you. They produce several different Lava Lamps, of various sizes. Other than that you could try ebay.

      Very kind regards